Top 5 Tips for a Modern Kitchen Refresh

We've all see the swoon-worthy kitchen photos on Instagram and dream of one day having a WOW kitchen of our own.  Do you have to really wait for that instant gratification because a full renovation just isn't possible for you right now?  Ofcourse not!  This is one of the top requests I get in my virtual home consultations.  How can I update my kitchen NOW when I don't have a renovation budget?

1. PAINT YOUR CABINETS - if your cabinets look dated and worn out (or, if you simply hate the color), give them a fresh coat of paint in the color you've always dreamt them to be.  I'm sharing a great source here that shares all the details on the type of paint to use if you want to make this a fun project that will last for years to come. 


2. GET NEW CABINET HARDWARE - This is one of the easiest (and quickest) updates to DIY. After you decide on what type of pulls and/or knobs you love, next thing to do is measure your spread (the open space from one hole to the next on your existing hardware) to know which size pulls to purchase.  I advise all my virtual clients not only to get new hardware but to play around with mixing hardware as well, if possible.  Use different lengths of the same pulls or a combination of pulls and knobs, etc. This works best if you're drilling holes for the first time. On my Amazon storefront, you'll find an "Update Your Kitchen" curated list with plenty of pulls to choose from.


3. ADD NEW LIGHTING - lighting is a key element in any room you're updating. If you currently have a flush-mount in the center of the ceiling, this is easy to swap out for an updated look. Same for pendants.  You can also add under-cabinet lighting. Click on the image below to check out these beautiful options and more.



4. PAINT THE WALLS - THIS IS A MUST! A fresh coat of paint on the walls gives an instant refreshed vibe. Make sure your colors for both the cabinets and wall compliment each other. If you've made some selections and confused which direction to go in for paint, send me a DM on instagram OR email me at and I'd be more than happy to help you.

5. GET A SEXY FAUCET - It must be said, a shiny new faucet is like jewelry in a kitchen! By now, you may have seen some of my personal faves, you can click any of the images for all my beauties and much more in my "Update Your Kitchen" curated collection for your modern kitchen refresh.


If all still feels overwhelming, reach out to me and let's talk.  Kitchen refresh...loading!




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