Fourth quarter is probably the busiest season for designers.  Everyone's in the spirit of joy and beautifying everything around them. We've been busy with consultations and I personally enjoy spending time with homeowners discussing their vision and needs for their personal's truly an honor to be their trusted partner in this important effort.  As a behind-the-scenes view, when we start to brainstorm for a clients space, we peruse through inspiration photos and collect our favorites (by showroom) as shown in a few inspo-boards below.  The benefit of this key first step is that it provides an organized and quick-access reference library once we start to space plan and "feel" a particular space we're designing.  And, when we have a virtual consultation with a homeowner that simply needs some feedback and assistance in making decisions as they go about designing their own home, we encourage them to start with this very step as well.  Check out a sample of how we layout our research images below, this was used for a recent high-end full interior design project we kicked off a few weeks ago. 

PROJECT RESEARCH (exploring seating options)




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