'Tis apparently the season to be in the mood to paint your home. Am I right? Last week's virtual design consultations were heavy on choosing paint colors as folks are busying themselves with face-lifting their personal spaces in all the budget-friendly ways possible these days.  As a result, I decided to share my key tips when contemplating how to choose a paint color as well as how to prep for your next paint project.  


These are some of the early steps I do myself:

  • Walk around the space and really process the layout and where the paint will be mostly visible.  If you have an open concept space, I'd suggest using softer or more muted colors as they will cover large areas with high-visibility.

  • Save inspiration photos you've found on Google images or Pinterest as the actual colors are listed a lot of the times and can serve as a great starting point for selecting hues to test in your home.

  • Consider how much light the room gets during the day as sunlight will influence the way a color is perceived. If a space only gets a bit of sun in the late afternoon-evening, chances are most colors will read cooler, which should be considered.

  • When I'm having a space painted, I always select 2 to 3 colors and paint large squares in atleast 2 different areas of the room.  Natural light (or lack thereof), your flooring and other elements affect how paint looks in a space.  Live with the squares for a couple days and see how they look both in the morning and at dusk before committing to a winner.


Once you've made your paint selection, begin gathering all of the supplies to make the process as smooth as possible. Be sure you pick up the following items before you plan to start (to save you some time, a link to my suggestions are at the very end):

  • Rollers and Roller Sleeves

  • Roller Tray

  • Paint Brush

  • Painters Tape (please use painters tape :-)

  • Drop Cloths (FYI, I use old sheets I don't use anymore)


When painting over fresh drywall or covering darker colored walls, you must use a primer to ensure the best coverage because the darker color will seep through. If I opt to purchase a premium paint with the primer built in, I still end up having to apply atleast 2 coats.

Designer Tip: For touch-ups, be sure to use the same application as the original one; if you used primer for the original application, use it again here. This will help blend and hide areas with marks and scuffs, but nothing will beat a fresh coat on the entire wall!


The sheen (or finish) of the paint is as important as the color because each sheen stands up to moisture, wear, and interacts with light in different ways. For example, eggshell can be cleaned more easily than a flat paint, which is easily scuffed. Here's a handy graphic that I also give my design students to guide you on your paint purchases:


Designer Tip: If you happen to have plaster walls, use paint with a flat finish that will service to hide any visible texture or surface imperfections!


I'm amazed by all the DIY cabinet makeovers I witness on Instagram daily.  It's impressive to see how home design enthusiasts are so fearless about figuring it out.  If you're ready to tackle this major home upgrade then start by removing all doors so you can sand and clean them thoroughly. Prior to painting, I recommend also using a primer to avoid any headaches with the color not adhering properly.

Designer Tip: When painting cabinets, use a brush in the corners, a roller in larger areas, and remember not to apply too much paint! You can also lay them out in the garage or yard and use a paint sprayer. A link to a few of my suggestions at varying budgets is below.


Sun can make painting challenging, especially in exterior paint applications. When painting areas that will be in full sun, we recommend a proper exterior paint with a built-in primer and satin finish. This will provide the right amount of coverage and shine without coming off as overly bright.

There you have it.  If you're stuck with actually selecting what specific color(s) to apply in your home, then we need a one-on-one.  Check out my virtual services here. Also, in my Amazon shop, I have a collection of DIY HOME TOOLS for your convenience so go ahead and Prime shop away.  Check them out and Happy DIY-ing, everyone!!!


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