The Process of Space Planning

The process of space planning is the key element in design. How do we go about efficiently utilizing your space - not too crowded yet we don't like too much wasted space either. It's a delicate balance of adding a variety of elements that both feed your aesthetic desires and lifestyle needs. We all want to live in a beautiful, well organized home and the success of space planning exercise is a major step in getting us there.

This project below is a home that the client simply requested space planning for all her seating needs. They had recently completed renovation of their new home and their priority was to layout the new design and get all the custom seating ordered (as they all have long lead times).

You'll see above that we carefully map out seating in all main common seating areas - family room and formal living room - of this spacious home. As we identify the specific pieces that we want, we then add them to the plan to determine if circulation is adequate, does a particular piece feel too small or too large, etc.

We then zoom in on a particular area and "work" the arrangement until it feels right and we are ready to present a complete look to you, our client. This Furniture Plan is supported by images of each piece represented in the plan and a complete budget for contemplation.

Just sharing another sneak peak into our behind the scenes. Email to discuss your project needs. She loves to answer questions on our design process and how we work with you to create a home of your dreams.


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