live your passion. is a chic way to represent our stance as woman while assisting other women who lack vital resources and equal opportunities within our communities and around the world. 

CHIC. SMART. PURPOSEFUL.  T-shirts are a powerful tool.  A form of self-expression in many ways for what matters to us, what's dear to our hearts...a way of communicating our identity.  We dress them up, we dress them down.  We know how to rock the hell out of a t-shirt, don't we ladies?!

Our steadfast mission is to advocate for the empowerment of women through affirmations in apparel + philanthropy by supporting causes that uplift the struggle of the disadvantaged. To honor our mission, we support women's empowerment groups that have proven results in the delivery of needed services.  Together, we rise!

As women, we are designed to take care of each other.  As a social business, we commit to supporting, and  

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