DESIGN RESCUE 911 (3-hour on call time block)

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Absolutely, THE MOST flexible and convenient way to work with an interior designer on-call!

We understand that you may not necessarily be looking for a full service design. Maybe you're a DIY-er at heart who has some time (and the will) to invest in creating your dream space BUT, the thought gets overwhelming and you find that you need some guidance or occasional feedback before making a major decision.

You could be the homeowner who started multiple projects (or a project that seems never-ending) and need direction on what are the best materials to use, or how to simply pull everything together so it has the impact and feel you envision.

Our "Designer On Call" service was created for any one who needs a designers' expertise as stated --> On Call.  It's for You if you know you need more than just a 2 hour in-home consultation, but don't need to retain us for a full service project.  


After purchasing the time block, we will schedule a call with you to discuss your design goals or continue a pre-existing working relationship.  For new clients, you will receive our design questionnaire for you to complete. 

Each time you send a request - anything from a text message to a shopping day, we will record all time used and its corresponding work completed. Time deductions are made in increments of 5 minutes. We will send you a report every two weeks, showing how the time is used and how much time remains on your account. You can choose to purchase another time block as needed. Time blocks are valid for up to 90 days only. If after 90 days you still have unused time, they will be considered null and void. There is no refund.

  • For new clients, our initial call serves as the consultation included with the Designer On Call service. You are responsible for providing us with all the information and measurements needed to properly advise you on your project.

  • We respond to messages and phone calls during normal business hours (M-F 10:00am to 6:00pm).  If past that time, we will return your call/email on the next business day.

  • This is not an instant response service, we schedule the necessary time on our calendar to focus solely on your project. Therefore, as much advanced notice as possible is best. This is normally within a standard work week time frame.

  • If you're out shopping, it is best to forward images via email only (including dimensions, if applicable to the decision) for any/all items you are considering. Our goal is to achieve the absolute best design solution for you.  We need all relevant information for optimum space planning and/or placement decisions.  

  • It is important to note, the Designer On Call service is not our full interior design service where we design and project manage a job from concept to installation. We are, in most cases, providing guidance and making suggestions based on our design expertise and the information you provide. We are not responsible for any errors and omissions that occur in this process.

  • Please note that our design consultations conclude when there is no more time remaining, even if your project is ongoing. You may purchase additional time blocks, as needed.

  • We reserve the right to cancel the Designer On Call Agreement if we believe that it is not being used for its intended purpose. Your remaining balance will be returned to you in the event that we cancel the service for this reason.


Your satisfaction in our client service is paramount to us.  As such, we value your trust in our guidance and commit to working tirelessly with you as your partner in your pursuit of your beautiful home.