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 The art season in Miami is upon me and I’m very fortunate each year to be on the Planning Committee for the Art Africa Miami Arts Fair {@artafricamia} happening the first week in December.  I’ve served as a Creative Consultant for the past 4 years and delight not only in the growth of this meaningful event, but my own growth in my appreciation of art.  

Being an interior designer, I can’t help but to juxtapose both worlds.  Afterall, what is an interior space without art, right?  And, this idea of “wall space” whether in one’s home or at an art exhibition is one that is and should be curated.  It requires thought, it should have meaning and it should evoke a feeling.

Because I'm in full planning mode on how to make this year's event the best cultural experience we've had yet and inspiration is buzzing all around me, I invite you to check out how I create wall space envy {at my home} in hopes of serving up some inspiration to you as well.


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Is Your Closet Fall Ready?

One of our blog fave's, Apartment Therapy, posted an oldie-but-goodie piece on organizing your closet for the Fall season.  There are numerous articles out their on this subject but I find this one to be straight to the point and on the money.

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